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500ml Cream Gun Siphon Kitchen Whipped Cream Gas Foamer

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🥧🎂Cream Gas Foamer Gun🥧🎂


🍰☕This item is well made of premium material for durable and practical use.With precise design and high quality, it is great for decorating and making cakes, whipped cream for coffee, topping your favorite ice cream, making mixed drinks and infusions, making flavored sodas, sauces and soups! Your homemade treats will sure to impress friends and families.🍰☕


🍥By gently pressing the handle, you can get delicate cream, suitable for cappuccino coffee, cream drinks, or cake making.🍥


Product information:

  • Material: all aluminum + plastic, stainless steel
  • Specification: 500ml
  • Dimensions (approx.): Diameter: 8cm/3.15in, Height: 25cm/9.84in
  • Uses: DIY baking utensils



  • Wash all the hot water of the cream foamer before use, then wash it with cold water; prepare whipped cream and cream.
  • Add about 0.5L/1L of whipped cream (do not exceed the scale on the foamer bottle).
  • Check the silicone ring of the foamer to tighten the foamer and grab the head.
  • Put into a piece of nitrogen . Note that only one piece can be put at a time. It is a little dangerous to get more nitrogen.
  • Shake the foamer up and down for about 30 times, and you can hear the sound of the foaming whipping cream and the aeroelastic.
  • The foamer is facing down, the flower mouth is facing the container, the foaming wrench is tightened, and the cream is foamed and formed by the foamer.



  • First open the lid of the foamer.
  • Introduce the prepared cream and tighten the lid.
  • Open a lid of the nitrogen.
  • Put the nitrogen into the nitrogen cover and tighten it on the foamer (note: the speed of the bubble is faster, to prevent the nitrogen from running out when rotating).
  • Install the cream ball. Shake the bottom of the cup to spread the nitrogen evenly. Press the foamer down and squeeze the cream out.


Packing list:

  • 1*500ml all-aluminum foamer (with stainless steel fittings


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500ml Cream Gun Siphon Kitchen Whipped Cream Gas Foamer

$49.99 $99.98 50% OFF