Most of us wear perfume on a daily basis but not all of us know how to store our favourite perfume the right way. The most simple and easiest technique to keep your perfume fresh for as long as possible is to keep it hidden. The perfect and ideal places to store your fragrances are dark, dry areas. A brand new bottle of perfume can be stored in the catacombs of a closet or a dark box, away from direct sunlight. But then for how long will the fresh fragrance linger? Perfumes not only dilute and lose their aromatic charm over time, but they can also get discoloured and degraded, resulting in a foul odour. Perfumes can even lose their odour and go bad after a few months if stored incorrectly. Check out the above-mentioned tips on how to store your perfume the right way.

1. Keep your perfume in a dark place :

Perfume bottles can be as ornate as small chandeliers, with rainbows and crystalline faces spraying around the room when the sun shines on them. They should not, however, be displayed as a centre piece on your dresser. Unfortunately, light causes a scented liquid's makeup to break down, and it can also melt the bottle if it's made of plastic.

2. Until the First Spritz, keep the bottle closed :

It's worth noting that perfume will remain pristine till it's used. When a bottle of fragrance is exposed to oxygen, the perfume inside dilutes and oxidises. It's only natural that the smell will disseminate with more oxygen and less aroma in the bottle. After the first usage, the clock starts ticking, so be wary of when you debut the new fragrance.

3. Avoid shaking the bottle:

While a small shake may appear to assist stimulate a perfume's smell, it actually does the reverse. Agitating a fragrance, like our annoying companion oxygen, causes undesired oxidation via bubbles into our favourite aromas. Not to mention the fact that most perfumes are manufactured with fragile chemical bonds and complex mixes that are readily broken.

4. Avoid storing it in your bathroom :

It's not appropriate to keep it in the bathroom. Keeping bottles in the bathroom is the most prevalent storage mistake made by scent owners. Bathrooms include both extreme humidity and temperature variations, which is the perfect combination for a perfume graveyard, reinforcing the necessity to preserve your fragrances in a dry place.

5. Keep your perfume in its original container :

When in doubt, consult the fragrance's original packaging. The cardboard may appear frail and insignificant, but these boxes were designed to hold the scented elixir inside. Keeping a bottle in its original box can extend the life of a smell significantly. You have a fail-safe way of essence endurance when you pair it with a closet or dark cupboard.

6. Ensure a Consistent Temperature :

Keep your perfume in a cool, consistent location. Ensure that your bottle is kept away from extremes of temperature, whether hot or cold. You should strive for a temperature of 60 degrees.

7. Do Check for discolouration in your fragrance :

It's not so much a piece of storage advice as it is a healthy habit to maintain. Any of the aforementioned steps may have gone awry, resulting in discolouration in a fragrance. Everything is dependent on the materials. So make sure to check for any kind of change in colour before using your perfume.

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