When it comes to perfume, it can be one of the most fun and enticing parts of your cosmetic and beauty routine, since it evokes sensual memories and helps to establish your aura and style. However, there is a proper way that is no less than an art to applying perfume that is based on tried and proven practices and is anchored in chemistry as well. Perfumers and fragrance experts offer advice on how to apply perfume appropriately, as well as what to avoid to keep your scent fresher and make it last longer. Your skin is the perfect and the ideal canvas for your favourite when it comes to your favourite fragrance. Perfume requires a good medium to anchor itself to truly unwind itself most outstandingly and magnificently. Here are a few general application tips that will make your perfume blend well and last throughout the day.

1. Dab your perfume on the correct points :

When it comes to perfume applications, it's very important to hit all of the appropriate locations and points. It is crucial to choose specific places of the body that are naturally warm and moist, such as the insides of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the chest, and even the sides of the neck because if you don't, the top notes will fade too rapidly, leaving you with a strong unpleasant fragrance.

2. Don’t apply perfume to your hair :

An alcohol-based solution or fragrance tends to dry and damage the hair so make sure you don't use your favourite perfume in your hair as it can be quite harmful to your scalp health. If you still want and insist on spritzing your locks make sure the perfume is non-alcohol based.

3. Never rub it on your skin :

Resist the urge to smear scent on your skin. Fragrance should be left on the skin for a few minutes so that it can completely mix and mingle with your body’s natural oils. Top notes fade and disappear as wrists are brushed together and also dries out the perfume.

4. Make sure to spray it on your clothes too :

Due to the nature of the fabric, it only absorbs some portion of the perfume rather than the complete accord, which is why perfumes might smell powdered when worn. So go ahead and spritz your clothes with your distinctive and favourite perfume, knowing that the experience will be different from when you apply perfume to your skin correctly.

5. Layer your fragrances: When it comes to scent layering, it is no less than an art form in and of itself. One can overlay with a complimentary perfume to renew the scent without really dominating it. Single note perfumes, such as powdered musk, are the finest for rejuvenating our olfactory palette according to our preferred and septic smell. Make sure to avoid mixing a strong scent with another strong scent since it's just too much. Make sure while you layer your perfumes you layer a strong perfume with a perfume that is mild and doesn’t have a strong smell.

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